By bareMinerals | January 14, 2016

Winter is in full (and chilly) swing. Survive any and everything that the season throws your way. Be it snow, sleet or rain, this survival guide will keep you dry and covered when out and about…or entertained during a snow-in kinda’ day.

Umbrella: Your rainy day will really start to look up when you glance up while rocking this umbrella. A little water can’t ruin your day.

Rain Boots: These boots were made for walking…through epic puddles on your way to work. We totally support finding the biggest puddle around and letting your inner kid have a go at it.

Rubber Boots: Not the traditional rain boot kinda girl? You can still look chic without the wet feet thanks to these double-duty booties.

Bag: When in rains, it pours. Be prepared for what Mother Nature has in store for you with a change of clothes, all stashed in this cute (and water-ready) bag.

Hat: Use your head when it comes to weather style. Not only will you look chic, you’ll also keep your hair dry and looking fresh.

Thermal Mug: Smart thinking, hot stuff. Save money by BYO-ing coffee or tea in this cute thermal mug.

Tote: You are totes ready for the rain. A water-resistant bag will be your new BFF as you run your errands.

Adult Coloring Books: Snowed in? Cozy up to an adult coloring book and watch the weather do its thing…while you do yours.

What’s your go-to weather gear? Tell us in the comments below.


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