Pillow Talk with Olivia Culpo

By Genevieve Ernst | May 11, 2017
Olivia Culpo at the bareMinerals + Cosmopolitan National Sleepover Day party

As part of our epic National Sleepover Day event in Times Square, we hosted a chat between fashion and beauty influencer Olivia Culpo and Cosmopolitan’s Chief Beauty Director Leah Wyar. Read on for some of our favorite moments from their conversation on slumber parties, DIY beauty, and the bareMinerals foundation that saved her in high school.

What’s your recipe for an epic slumber party?
Sleepovers are the best! Most of the time I bring my own pillow and I have a blanket that I love because its so fuzzy. I also have a heating blanket that I just absolutely love. I can sleep anywhere because it’s so comfortable.

What’s one fun sleepover tip that anyone can do at home?
You can make face masks with avocado, coconut oil or honey. I love going online and searching “At home DIY masks” with my sisters or my friends. It’s so fun!

When you’re sharing beauty secrets, which bareMinerals product do you recommend to your friends?
I would have to say bareMinerals Original Foundation saved my life when I was growing up because I was at that weird stage when I didn’t know what foundation even was and I didn’t want to wear a heavy amount of makeup. I was going to my all-girls school everyday and I didn’t want to spend a lot of time getting ready. But the swirl, tap, buff was so easy. It gave me the perfect amount of coverage and I never broke out. It also didn’t make me look really oily. It’s really the hottest commodity for someone who wants coverage without being too heavy, cakey, or shiny. It’s kind of everything you need!

Why is it important for you to wear makeup so pure you can sleep in it?
How many people at home are happy to hear that you don’t have to take off your makeup? I wish everything was like that.

What do you normally wear to bed?
It kind of depends. If I’m cold, which sometimes happens on the East Coast, I’ll wear sweatpants and a hoodie and just be so, so cozy. That’s my favorite place to be—we all have those moments when we are dreaming about going to bed and being in our pajamas. Sometimes I do like to wear a nightgown; to me its fun, and even a little sexy. The time that you spend getting ready for bed is your “you” time so sometimes it’s kind of fun to get “dressed up” to go to bed.

Do you have any nighttime rules or rituals that get you ready to go to bed?
This is a very strange habit of mine but I cannot go to bed unless my room is clean. All the clothes are put away and dishes aren’t in the sink, otherwise it just bugs me. I don’t want to wake up to it. I want to wake up to everything clean, fresh, and lovely.

Last but not least, what’s your slumber party secret?
My confession is, “Peanut butter is my kryptonite!” Which is true. I can eat a whole jar. I could have a pint of ice cream and a jar of peanut butter and I would be happy for the rest of my life!

Check out Olivia’s full interview here, and read more about our epic National Sleepover Day event inspired by Original Foundation, makeup so pure that yes, you can actually sleep in it.

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