4 Creative and Eco Friendly Ways to Wrap Presents

By bareMinerals | December 7, 2021

Everyone knows the holidays are the most wonderful time of year…and the craziest. We’ve put together a few gift-wrapping ideas that’ll keep you entertained, save some money (and the planet) and majorly impress everyone on your wish list. So grab your supplies and get ready to wow your friends and family this season.

Fold into Furoshiki

This traditional Japanese cloth-wrapping technique is surprisingly easy to make, and since it’s reusable, it’s great for the environment too. Score.


  1. Start with a large square cloth. We used doubled-up plain muslin cotton and hemmed the edges to create a 35-inch squared piece. Bandanas are also good, but make sure it’s a thick cloth or you’ll see the gift inside.
  2. Stamp or hand-paint a design all over fabric using the color of your choice.
  3. Once the paint is dry, start wrapping (like this).

Don’t feel like making your own? You can always purchase one here.

Draw your own work-of-wrapping art

Want to get a little creative and draw your own wrapping paper?  A kraft paper grocery bag makes a great one-of-a-kind canvas.


  1. First, cut along the side edge all the way to the bottom of the paper bag. Continue to cut along the folds at the bottom until the bottom is completely cut off and you can lay the bag flat. Trim any uneven edges.
  1. Draw artwork on the plain side of the bag. A white paint pen works great to create a woodgrain pattern. (Hint, hint.)


  1. Add a couple pine sprigs and berries to finish.

Wrap the News

Running low on gift wrap? The Sunday newspaper makes for an interesting read AND great wrapping paper. The key is how you dress it up. 

  1. Wrap your gift with a page from the paper that is pretty wordy. If you can find a pretty picture in the arts & leisure section, that works, too.
  2. Using pretty colored paper, cut out shapes of your choice. We were inspired by some of the gold-dipped feathers from Lia Griffith, but you could cut out holly leaves or ornament shapes. Next, paint the ends of the feathers gold to add some flair.
  3. Using festive ribbon or gold twine, wrap around your gift and tie in a bow. Tuck your cutout shapes in the ribbon and you’re good to go.

Make Handmade Cards

  1. If you have scrap or kraft paper lying around, homemade cards are a great way to upcycle it. Cut the paper to the preferred size (using a paper cutter is the best way to get clean lines). You can also purchase cards made from recycled paper, like these found on Etsy.
  2. Twine, ribbon or even real pieces of balsam can help create a festive feel. Apply with a strong glue.
  3. Now it’s time for your message. If you’re new to calligraphy, here’s an easy-to-follow tutorial for beginners.


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