Celebrity MUA Denika Bedrossian Talks Her Second Pregnancy and Clean Beauty

By Genevieve Ernst | December 14, 2021

We are SO happy for our Global Makeup Artist, Denika Bedrossian, who recently shared that she’s 30 weeks into her second pregnancy. Between work, getting the nursery ready, and spending quality time with her daughter Olive (she’s letting her pick out everything for new brother!), it’s clear that the ever-driven celebrity makeup artist has her hands full. We checked in to get her personal pregnancy beauty picks and couldn’t resist getting her professional advice on makeup tips for soon-to-be moms. 

bM: Congrats on your pregnancy! How has your overall beauty routine changed since you became pregnant?

DB: Thank you so much! Since this is my second pregnancy, I wanted to do things a bit differently this time around. I chose to work out regularly, drink as much water and pressed juice that I could handle and keep my skin care routine clean. This has kept me, baby and my skin feeling really good. When my body is going through so much change, it’s been really nice to know that I’m at my all-around healthiest. 

bM: A lot of women find that their skin changes throughout pregnancy. Have you found any products or ingredients that you’ve loved?

DB: Skin is absolutely a huge part of the change during pregnancy… some women deal with texture change, pigmentation issues and breakouts. I have found drinking a lot of water, eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, and keeping a consistent, clean skincare routine has helped maintain good skin with a natural glow. I use the bareMinerals SKINLONGEVITY Long Life Serum, day and night, to add the extra boost of strength my skin needs. With ginger to brighten and niacinamide to strengthen, my skin feels better than ever. I also love using heavy moisture at night and have been using a lot of essential oils to keep me and my mind calm.

bM: How has your overall approach to self-care changed? Do you have any new rituals?

DB: Overall, I’m trying to keep myself active, busy and well-rested. It’s easy to forget to take care of yourself when you have a 4-year-old already, but I’m making time for me, so baby boy feels his best while baking in my belly. I’m drinking my morning coffee and have substituted my other coffee needs with ginger tea or matcha.

bM: Mineral makeup is a popular choice for pregnant women and new moms. Is this something you’re favoring now?

DB: I feel like, pregnant or not, it’s time to use clean makeup. Minerals are much better for our skin, and when our bodies go through such a big changes and miracles, we tend to want cleaner ingredients in our products. No pore cloggers, sulfates, parabens, talc, waxes or toxic chemicals. What we use will end up getting to baby or your milk supply. Just like we stay clear of certain foods or alcohols when breast feeding, stay clear of beauty products that may have things you’re not OK with. That’s why I love using bareMinerals for the built-in skincare, the non-toxic ingredients, cruelty-free and vegan formulas.

bM: Are you doing anything differently from your first pregnancy?

DB: I think with a first pregnancy, there’s so much mystery of what’s happening that you don’t think about what’s best for you. I’m keeping much more active, working out regularly, sleeping as much as I can and keeping a healthy diet. It’s been such a different experience this time around. 

bM: A lot of mothers might be wondering things like, “Can I wear lipstick while pregnant?” In terms of makeup and feeling inspired — is there a look that you’re feeling particularly drawn to these days?

DB: Yes, you can wear lipstick and any makeup looks that make you feel good! When our bodies are temporarily not what we’re used to, do whatever makes you feel your best. I get my regular manicures, hair done, eyebrows etc., since I can’t shop for cute clothes and do my usual things. I love putting a red lip and lots of mascara on to add some vibrance. I’m really into a dewy complexion, fluffy brows and bold cheek and lip at the moment. It is easy, clean and universal. 

bM: With your body doing so much, it can be exhausting! Can you share any self-care tips for pregnant women who want to look and feel their best, but may be feeling tired or less motivated than usual?

DB: I know we’re tired… exhausted if anything. But I make sure to force myself to do things for myself. It makes a world of difference in our mood, attitude and confidence. We deserve it. 

bM: Any crazy cravings this go-around?!

DB: I haven’t had any weird cravings this time around… but these last few weeks I have had a huge sweet tooth, which I usually don’t have. Cinnamon rolls, ice cream, apple pie – bring it on.

Please remember to consult your doctor about any beauty products or skincare ingredients if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Genevieve Ernst

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